Jenny Kane

Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange

'I am a big fan of Jenny Kane' Katie Fforde.
Welcome back to Mill Grange and the beautiful village of Upwich, full of larger-than-life characters you can't help but adore.
Sam Philips' time in the forces changed him forever. Supported by his friends, Sam is keen to help make beautiful Mill Grange a safe retreat for injured army personnel… but his crippling claustrophobia means Sam is living in a tent on the grounds! Enlisting the help of charming village stalwarts Bert and Mabel Hastings, Tina Martins is determined to find a way to help him conquer his fears. But why does she feel like he is keeping a secret?
Having helped Thea Thomas restore Mill Grange over the summer, celebrity archaeologist, Shaun Cowlson has left Exmoor to film for his Landscape Treasures show in Cornwall. Despite being busy with an unexpected archaeological project of her own, Thea can't help but miss his company. Especially as someone else is vying for his attention…
Readers love Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange!
'Loved loved this book!… This book was brilliant!… I am blown away… I hope that there is going to be a sequel with this exceptional family of characters because I will buy it!' NetGalley Reviewer, ?????
'Absolutely loved this storyCompulsive. I highly recommended this start to a new series from Jenny Kane… Flawless' Carol McGrath, ?????
'I loved this charming story and found it hard to put down. It was full of brilliant characters and a really interesting plot lines and kept my attention throughout' Goodreads Reviewer, ?????
'Like coming home to old friends' NetGalley Reviewer, ?????
'My Kindle wasn't exactly glued to my hand but it might as well have been because it travelled everywhere with me… Couldn't stop reading… A very well deserved 5* out of 5*' Ginger Book Geek, ?????
'Heart-warming, emotional and wonderfully uplifting, it's impossible not to fall under Jenny Kane's spell with her cosy and addictive new novel' Goodreads Reviewer, ?????
'Another hit in the series. Continues where the first one ended… One of my favorites. Highly recommend this book' NetGalley Reviewer, ?????
'Plenty of laughs and advice from unlikely corners, I can't wait for the next installment' NetGalley Reviewer, ?????
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Bloomsbury Publishing, Aria
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