Jim Butcher,Chris Ryan,Hazel Andrews,Heather Jeffrey,Andrew Holden,Kelly Bricker,Asterio Save,David T. Duvall,Erik Cohen,Gabriele Manella,Gregory Ashworth,John Heeley,Julio Aramberri,Martin Farr,Raoul Bianchi,Stanislav Ivanov,Sue Bleasdale

Mass Tourism in a Small World

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This book reviews all aspects of the phenomenon of mass tourism. It covers theoretical perspectives (including political economy, ethics, sustainability and environmentalism), the historical context, and the current challenges to domestic, intra-regional and international mass tourism.

As tourism and tourist numbers continue to grow around the world, it becomes increasingly important that this subject is studied in depth and best practice applied in real-life situations. This book:

— Is the first to address a range of theoretical issues relating to mass tourism;
— Uses a wide selection of case studies to translate theory into practice, covering the historical rise and fall of UK seaside resorts, the increase in Chinese tourism, conflict between different mass tourism groups, destination transformation from mass to niche tourism, and specific problems facing cruise ships;
— Is written by a range of international, established authors to give a global perspective on the subject.

Finishing with a speculative chapter identifying potential future trends and challenges, this book forms an essential resource for all researchers and students within tourism studies.
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642 паперові сторінки
Дата публікації оригіналу
CABI, CAB International



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