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Agile Testing

As software moves increasingly to online distribution and frequent updates Agile development is fast becoming the norm. If you're considering moving from traditional development processes to Agile this book will give you the knowledge you need to get off to a smooth start.
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    the most frequent cause
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    main reason for delays is that developers and testers are set up as separate groups at different stages of the production cycle; every time the software is changed, or an issue is identified, it moves between the groups.
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    Here are the key principles of Agile testing:
    Cooperative – Developers and testers constantly work together towards a common goal – a finished piece of software
    Non-Linear – There are no stages to be passed through; all activity is development-focused.
    Streamlined – Effort isn’t diverted into producing extensive documentation of what’s being done; the team does what’s necessary then documents what they’ve produced.
    Adaptable – Agile can swiftly cope with changes in customer requirements or new technological developments.
    Transparent – Information isn’t stovepiped within separate teams – everything everyone needs to know to complete the project is freely shared.
    Of course that doesn’t mean that Agile is disorganized. Far from it, in fact – activity is mapped out. The difference is the way that’s done, and you have a choice of how to do it.

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