Matthew MacDonald,Gloria Neufeld Redekop,Andrea Bartol,Barbod Salimi,Borislava Manojlovic,Brigitte Gagnon,Jamie Price,Katherine Peil Kauffman,Kelly Kilrea,Megan Price,Nadia Delicata,Neil Sargent,Neil Theise,Patrice Brodeur,Stuart Kauffman


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Even if all of the elements we know to be significant in the process of reconciliation were present, reconciliation would not necessarily take place. Reconciliation is a nonlinear, nonalgorithmic process that involves “matters of the heart.” From emergent creativity and its links to mysticism, to the evolution of emotions as drivers of thought, Awakening weaves cutting-edge discoveries in complexity theory with philosophical reflections on consciousness and language, drawing on Lonergan and Wittgenstein. Awakening as a phenomenon takes on a vibrant vitality as an aspect of transpersonal psychology and it manifests as imperatives to take responsibility for our relationships, to address complex challenges of justice, and to adopt a heart-based approach to peacebuilding.
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