Janet Evans

How To Make Jewelry With Beads: An Easy & Complete Step By Step Guide

It's quite easy to make your own jewelry when you know how. After finishing this book not only will you be able to create unique and stunning jewelry designs with beads for yourself but for others as well. As you'll discover, to make jewelry with beads, you don't need any specialized skills or knowledge in metal work or power tools. If you really want to see your hobby flourish then learning the basics skills and being enthusiastic is all you need. Plus knowing where to look for tools and supplies that aren't too expensive can help as well. By the time you've finished reading this book, you'll not only know where to buy what you need, but also learn certain techniques for you to produce some amazing pieces of jewelry with beads. Within this book are some techniques that'll only take a matter of minutes to master, whilst others may require you to spend a little more time practicing them to achieve the right kinds of results. From the outset, this book has been designed for those who have never created jewelry with beads before. However by the end you'll be an expert in the tools of the trade, the supplies you need and some basic skills you can advance upon over time. Not only that but I've provided you with some projects you can do to practice you're new found skills on. For anyone who hasn't tried making jewelry with beads before will find this book extremely useful. Although you may begin by deciding to just make items for friends and family. Don't be too surprised when you start getting others asking you to create pieces for them.
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