Alister McGrath

Mere Apologetics

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The faith has been defended by great and articulate voices down the centuries.
But the challenges of scientific atheism mean we now need a fresh and flexible approach.
Alister McGrath is ideally placed to offer robust and intriguing insights into the biblical basis for apologetics and its historical uses. He explores different pointers to faith, such as our innate sense of longing for justice, our appreciation for beauty, and the order we see in the physical world. Various approaches to sharing our faith with others are outlined and McGrath shows how explanations, arguments, stories, and images are all right and useful ways to communicate what we believe.
Armed with the tools we need to engage others on this subject, we are guided on choosing the best approach for our particular personality and how we can adapt our approach to suit our audience. Practical, insightful and warmly affirming, this book will have you longing for a chance to put these techniques into practice.
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    We are not limited to arguments appealing to human reason, but are able to engage every aspect of human nature—including human imagination, feelings, and intuition. In the following chapter, we shall consider a series of gateways to faith, assessing their significance and how each might best be used.
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    But in many ways, apologetics can be thought of as getting a serious conversation under way by getting our audience—whether it is a single person or a roomful of people—interested and intrigued by the deep questions we are exploring
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    Notice how I developed an approach that is apologetic, not evangelistic. I did not set out to convert, but to entice, intrigue, interest, and ultimately convince.

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