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Love can be a very dangerous thing.After her sister left, Caitlin felt lost.Then she met Rogerson.When shes with him, nothing seems real.But what happens when being with Rogerson becomes a larger problem than being without him?Another pitch-perfect offering from Dessen. Booklist, starred reviewAlso by Sarah Dessen:Along for the RideJust ListenKeeping the MoonLock and KeyThe Moon and MoreSomeone Like YouThat SummerThis LullabyThe Truth About ForeverWhat Happened to Goodbye
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    it was meaningful and a good plot

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    It had me SHOOK!!!!

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    But mostly, I cried because my life had been going full speed for so long and now it had just stopped, like running right into a big brick wall, knocking the wind and the fight right out of me. And I didn’t know if I ever even wanted to get up and start breathing again.
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    She was still handling me so gingerly, as if I was a piece of china already cracked and a fingertip’s weight could break me completely
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    looking down the stairs and out the front door, trying to picture her making that walk away from this. It seemed like so far, and I was so tired. Tired of keeping time, of studying faces, of hiding bruises. Of disappearing, bit by bit, while my world kept going without me, even as I slipped farther beneath the water, drowning.

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