Tella Olayeri

Command The Night 30 Days Spiritual Manual Prayer Book

This book represents a day prayer programme for Christians of violent mind for prayer. Our prayer life is imminent before the Lord. He awaits us to pray and get answer. Prayer opens good doors and closes evil doors that reduce hope and makes us sad.

This book addresses our daily needs. It strengthens and makes us march fearlessly in the battle of life. This is a wonderful book that break curses, and covenants, evil agenda of darkness against us; and open great doors of success and breakthroughs.

This book is spiritually loaded with Holy Spirit vomited prayer. If you think of conquest the book you hold is the answer, if it’s great victory over works of darkness, this book shall give accurate answer.

This book shall give you double relief and laughter. Pick a copy.
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Tella Olayeri
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