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Granada – City trip in Andalusia

We welcome you in your new Voyage Experience guide: “Granada — City trip in Andalusia”. If you are planning to spend a weekend or a short stay of a few days in Granada, then this guide will help you to discover this beautiful Andalusian city, located at the foot of the mountains of the Sierra Nevada as well as the small town of Santa Fe, located 11 km further. You will also find beautiful surprises in Alhama de Granada, as well as in the natural trails of a superb dizzying hike that we will propose to you just a few kilometers from the big city.

You will certainly appreciate the harmonious mix of cultures that, over the centuries, have made Granada a true multifaceted city and region. Each of its neighborhoods has its own personality and identity, including the Alcaicería, the cathedral and its stunning palatial complex, the Alhambra, which is a true city all by itself.

We will share with you our discoveries: the gorgeous city of Granada, but also the little Santa Fe — witness of the last offensive of the Catholic Kings against the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, Alhama de Granada and a breathtaking hike in the region. If you want to discover at the same time the superb and surprising region of Guadix which equals in beauty the famous Cappadocia in Turkey and its troglodyte life, then do not hesitate to buy the guide dedicated to it.

We spent more than two months touring this beautiful Andalusian region, amazed by its beauties. So why not you?
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