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Hold Me

Book 3 in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Trilogy

Captor and captive. Lovers. Soulmates.

We’re all that and more.

We thought we were past the worst of it. We thought we finally had a chance.

We thought wrong.

We’re Nora and Julian, and this is our story.

***Hold Me is the conclusion of the Twist Me trilogy, told from Nora & Julian's point of view.***
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Дата публікації оригіналу
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PublishDrive, Mozaika Publications
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    Ch. 4 —defiance to keep a promise
    Ch. 7 — pregnancy and violent sex
    Ch. 11b — Julian’s joy
    Ch. 14 — like you’re mine?
    Ch. 15 — the flight
    Ch. 17 — bedtime in Palos Park
    Ch. 21 — the park
    Ch. 22 — birthday, the good part
    Ch. 40 — conversation with parents
    Ch. 41 and Epilogue — first confession of love

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    I would’ve thought it impossible, but my obsession with her has reached a new peak since our return. It’s as if all the grief, rage, and pain inside me coalesced into one heart-ripping sensation, a feeling so intense it tears me from within.
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    Moving more carefully, I place my right hand on Nora’s shoulder and try to gently shake her awake. She’s turned away from me, facing in the opposite direction, so I can’t see her face to check if she’s crying.

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