Bradley Charbonneau


We're often searching for answers but what if the answers were in the questions we ask? 
What if the big answers were in the questions we don't dare ask?

There are two people we need to ask. Ready? It's scary, I know.



You might think asking others is hard but the true hard stuff, the real stuff, the oh-man-here-we-go level of awesome sauce begins with asking yourself. Here, let's do a quick survey and see if you're ready.

ASK yourself these questions:

Are you ready for the next phase of your life to begin?

Have you been waiting for someone to reach out their hand and invite you to take things to the next level?

Do you know what you want?

Do you know when you want to get started with what you want?

Do you like sour cream on your burrito?

Are you too shy to ask for help?

Do you believe other people would like to help you if you ask them for help?

Did you know people like helping other people more than they like helping themselves? (PRO TIP: see questions #6 and #7)

Are you envisioning a burrito?

What if your quick answer to the extremely important question #5 were as easy as the usually-more-difficult question #7?

What if you could get more comfortable asking yourself the big questions? What if you could practice asking others for help and you got to the point where they starting asking you if they could help you?

In best-selling author Bradley Charbonneau’s latest book ASK, you’ll uncover your answers to the questions you might want to maybe be asking yourself--and others.

In this book, you’ll discover:

How to ask for help without begging--and even turning around the tables so people get in line to help you

Why you first might just maybe want to ask yourself what your focus is at this point in your life

When to not ask anyone but yourself the question you most want the answer to

What to ask yourself each and every morning and evening

How to dig deep into your subconscious mind to get around that pesky conscious self

Get ASK today to answer the question of, “What do I do next?”

ASK is book 3 in the Repossible Series and a vital step before moving along the roadmap.

Repossible: An introductory guide to the question, “Who will you be next?”

Every Single Day: a clear roadmap towards lasting transformation in you

Ask: if life is a multiple choice quiz, this is the answer

Dare: challenge yourself to truly answer the questions and rocket forward

Create: you’re ready to get real about achieving your dream, here’s what to do

Decide: there’s a fork in the road, you’ll now know what do to

Meditate: this is the source of our creativity, power, and direction

Spark: there’s only one thing better than creating: helping someone else create

Surrender: you’ve done your part, it’s time to be invited to the big stage

Play: we’re through the woods, it’s time to exhale, smile, and play the game

Celebrate: compare your own today to your own yesterday and revel in the progress

Evaluate: measure how far you've come, forecast how far you'll go

Elevate: now that we're at the top of the mountain, it's time to scale up
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