Joanna Penn

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Virtual Worlds

Artificial Intelligence is already embedded in much of our daily lives and it's increasingly moving into realms that impact authors and the publishing industry. We need to embrace the opportunities and engage in conversations around possible threats in order to reinvent our industry for a very different future.

The pandemic of 2020 has accelerated converging technologies and changed human behavior across the globe to favor digital business models. In this book, I discuss current technological and societal trends and consider the opportunities for authors and the publishing industry over the next decade.

Writing in the age of AI, including Natural Language Generation models like GPT-3

Copyright law, Blockchain for smart contracts, and micro-payments

AI-assisted translation

Voice technologies, streaming and subscription

Virtual worlds and augmented reality

Global, digital, mobile. A wave of new writers.

It’s time to change our business model.

If we embrace this wave of converging technology, we can create abundance in our industry, enabling new forms of creativity, growing the market with new products and experiences, and expanding revenue for the entire supply chain.

We are creators. We turn ideas in our heads into books in the physical realm.  We can use these technologies to surf the wave of change and invent the decade ahead — together.

I hope you will join me on the journey.
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