Rosanne Bittner

Tennessee Bride

The first of a sweeping trilogy, the award-winning author’s frontier love story is “extraordinary . . . [Her] characters spring to life” (Publishers Weekly).
Raised in the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee in the 1820s, sixteen-year-old Emma Simms dreams of the day she’ll escape her life of poverty to start over in the big city of Knoxville. But when her mother dies, she’s left with no one but her drunk, abusive stepfather, Luke Simms, and her dream abruptly becomes a nightmare. Luke plans to literally sell Emma down the river—to a notorious brothel in Knoxville.
River Joe, the mysterious Cherokee-raised frontiersman, knew from the first time he set eyes on the beautiful Emma that he had to have her as his own. And one glimpse of the handsome, buckskin-clad stranger they call the “white Indian” ignites the flame of dangerous desire in Emma’s heart.
Their passion could consume them both, but their love may be the one thing that can save Emma from a fate worse than death.
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    Cris Loцитує2 роки тому
    Emma lay staring at the stars, which seemed to dance as the branches of trees swayed gently with a night breeze.
    Cris Loцитує2 роки тому
    In one tiny corner of her mind she knew by instinct that there were such things as peace and love and that the song of birds and the brilliance of spring flowers were things of beauty.
    Cris Loцитує2 роки тому
    In stolen quiet moments alone she had allowed the sweet air of the Tennessee mountains to renew her spirit; let the soft swish of the rushing waters of the Hiwassee River soothe her soul; let the sight of a bird in flight give her dreams of going away and finding a better life;

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