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Sandra Hill

The Outlaw Viking

A woman time travels to a medieval world, landing in the life of a fierce warrior Viking in this sexy romance from a New York Times bestselling author.
As tall and striking as the Valkyries of legend, Dr. Rain Jordan is proud of her Norse ancestors despite their warlike ways. But she can’t believe her eyes when a blow to her head transports her to a nightmarish battlefield of yore—and there standing before her is the barbarian of her dreams.
A wild-eyed berserker, Selik can slay a dozen Saxons with a single swing of his deadly sword—yet he can’t control a saucy wench from the future. In his eyes, Rain is a prisoner and he’d dearly love to avail himself of her medical skills—not to mention her considerable knowledge of the male anatomy. But the infuriating woman has ideas of her own. If Selik isn’t careful, the stunning siren might very well capture his savage heart and make a warrior of love out of . . . The Outlaw Viking
447 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Рік виходу видання
HarperCollins, Avon
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  • Carina Rita Hansenцитує6 років тому
    Gorm and the soldiers rode up at nightfall, leading the saddled Fury behind them. Selik strode forward and spoke with them, and Rain cringed before the fierce warrior into which her lover had transformed himself. He wore leather braies under his calf-length flexible chain mail. A wool tunic of deep blue covered the armor, and a heavy fur mantle covered all. He attached his sword, Wrath, and his helmet and pike to his saddle, then turned back to Rain.
    She walked up to him, daunted by this stranger in fighting garb, but there was not the usual berserkness in his eyes now, only a deep, abiding love. She hoped she hadn’t weakened him with her love.
    “Come back to me, Selik.”
    “If I can,” he promised in a soft voice
  • Carina Rita Hansenцитує6 років тому
    Rain’s heart felt like fine crystal shattering into a million tiny pieces. She didn’t know if she could survive without this man—the other side of her soul, the beat in her heart . . . her forever love
  • Carina Rita Hansenцитує6 років тому
    Once, when he stood to replenish his goblet of mead, Adam walked up and kicked him in the shin. “What was that for, you bloody imp?” he snarled, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and lifting him high in the air.
    “Fer leavin’, ya damn heathen bloody

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