Cristina Rebiere,Olivier Rebiere

Get fit without getting tired

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Getting motivated with an « activity bracelet ». Tips and tools to get fit and in good health.

No time to do some physical activity, go to the gym? Don’t you know how to get motivated? Fatigue, roundness, lack of energy? Would you like to get fit and healthy without getting tired? Our collection of practical booklets « eGuide Zen Attitude » proposes to make your life easier!

We want to share with you our experiences and tools to get you fit and healthy.

You will discover useful little handbooks, always in your smartphone

N°3 — Get fit without getting tired

This simple and practical guide will help you get fit all day, practicing physical activities without exhausting yourself with an activity bracelet. You will learn its role, its functioning and how you can use it to energize you healthily, but also tips and advice to help you in your steps.

What are you going to find in this « eGuide Zen Attitude»?

Tools and tips to get fit and healthy

The use of an activity bracelet, statistics and their interpretation

So, are you ready to be healthy and get fit ?!
Let’s go!


Cristina & Olivier Rebiere
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Cristina & Olivier Rebiere
Olivier Rebiere



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