Atul Sharma

The Sonrise Villa

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Why does it happen that when we are at the peak of our happiness we receive an unexpected jolt? Why life sometimes takes a 360 degree turn and suddenly we find ourselves standing at ground zero? Raghav was blessed with everything that life can offer to anyone – happy family, education, riches and comforts. Love blossomed in the garden of his heart when a beautiful girl came in his life. Then the unthinkable happened. Misfortune struck him, not just once but again and again. The only thing visible to him was darkness ahead. His faith in God brought ‘Someone Special’ in his life to show him the way out of that dark tunnel. Who was that special one? Raghav took up the task to re-build his fallen castle and the results were beyond imagination. Does faith has the power to change one’s destiny? Answer it after you have read this book.
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