Edgar Cayce

Meditation, Prayer & Affirmation

    Daria Zaytsevaцитуєторік
    most of you, there must be something else—some desire, something that has prompted you in one manner or another to seek to be here now, that you may gather something from a word, from an act, that will either give thee hope or make thee better satisfied with thy present lot, or to justify thee in the course ye now pursue.
    To each of you, then, we would give a word:
    Ye all find yourselves confused at times respecting from whence ye came and whither ye goeth. Ye find yourselves with bodies, with minds—not all beautiful, not all clean, not all pure in thine own sight or in thy neighbor’s. And there are many who care more for the outward appearance than that which prompts the heart in its activity or in its seeking.
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