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Jose Manuel Ortega Candel

DevOps and Containers Security: Security and Monitoring in Docker Containers

Through this book, we will introduce the DevOps tools ecosystem and the main containers orchestration tools through an introduction to some platforms such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and OpenShift.
Among other topics, both good practices will be addressed when constructing the Docker images as well as best security practices to be applied at the level of the host in which those containers are executed, from Docker's own daemon to the rest of the components that make up its technological stack.
We will review the topics such as static analysis of vulnerabilities on Docker images, the signing of images with Docker Content Trust and their subsequent publication in a Docker Registry will be addressed. Also, we will review the security state in Kubernetes.
In the last section, we will review container management and administration open source tools for IT organizations that need to manage and monitor container-based applications, reviewing topics such as monitoring, administration, and networking in Docker.
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