Terry Moore

Building Legacy Wealth

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Americans want to build wealth, but few people really know how. Terry Moore shows his clients low-risk ways to invest in rental property, so they can enjoy financial security. Terry is a top apartment broker who has earned several major awards including Investment Broker of the Year and Commercial Broker of the year. Building Legacy Wealth describes the proven and repeatable processes that have helped hundreds of his clients become millionaires.

Many wise investors choose apartment investing because it can be a low-risk escalator to wealth. In Building Legacy wealth, you will learn how to decide if apartment investing is for you and where you should begin. Then you’ll discover how to buy successfully, boost your property’s value and sell so you can repeat the cycle. You’ll also learn how to use special features of the tax code to keep your wealth growing and how to make wise decisions about consolidating your gains and passing on your wealth and your values to the next generation.

Legacy ultimately matters more than wealth. Terry invites you to plan how to live a life worth imitating, while making your money multiply.
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