P. G. Wodehouse

Joy in the Morning

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‘Precisely, sir.’
I drew a deep breath.
‘You wouldn’t consider at least climbing a tree?’
‘No, sir.’
I drew another one.
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‘“Alas, regardless of their fate, the littl
flick the baited hook
honeysuckle-covered cottage
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with a heart for any fate
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‘I do. After what happened at lunch to-day.’
I was conscious of a sudden, quick concern.
‘Your lunch with Uncle Percy?’
‘That’s the one.’
‘Didn’t it go well?’
‘Not too well.’
‘Nobby was anticipating that it would bring home the bacon.’
‘Ha! God bless her optimistic little soul.’
I gave him one of my keen looks. There was a sombre expression on his map. The nose was wiggling in an overwrought way. It was easy to perceive that pain and anguish racked the brow.
‘Tell me all,’ I said.
He unshipped a heavy sigh.
‘You know, Bertie, the whole idea was a mistake from the start. She should never have brought us together. And, if she had to bring us together, she ought not to have told me to be bright and genial. You know about her wanting me to be bright and genial?’
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How bright? How genial?” Shall he, that is to say, be just a medium ray of sunshine, or shall he go all out and shoot the works? I thought it over, and decided to bar nothing and be absolutely rollicking. And that, I see now, is where I went wrong.’
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could get my hooks on
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all was suddenly made clear to me. I had missed it at first, because
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I saw all, and the thought of how near I had come to marrying a female novelist made everything go black for a bit.
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sight of her made me give at the knees somewhat. Old wounds had been reopened
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We had scarcely arranged the preliminaries
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but to do this revolting duo justice neither had tried to mould me, and that was
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But, taking everything into consideration and weighing this and that, I have always been inclined to consider Florence Craye the top.
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shudder passes through the frame
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He sighed a bit, like one who feels that the situation has got beyond him.
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He seemed to be feeling that if we talked this thing out long enough as man to man, we might eventually hit upon a formula
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This had him rocking back on his heels.
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The motheaten old bird who had stepped forward to attend to me ran true to form.
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thing, I felt, would be no walkover
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