Rupert Colley

The Russian Revolution: History in an Hour

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Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.
In 1917 the world changed forever. One of the most influential and contentious events in recent history, the Russian Revolution unleashed the greatest political experiment ever conducted, one which continues to influence both Eastern and Western politics today.
The Russian Revolution: History in an Hour neatly covers all the major facts and events giving you a clear and straightforward overview: from the circumstances behind the rise of Lenin and the Bolsheviks, to the consequences of their struggle for a new socialist utopia. The Russian Revolution: History in an Hour is engagingly written and accessible for all history lovers.
Know your stuff: read about the Russian Revolution in just one hour.
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    On 30 December 1922, the Soviet republics were forged into one single republic – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).
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    The October Revolution in Petrograd on 7 November (25 October, Old Style) was not, in fact, the first socialist uprising within the Russian empire. Two days before, Jaan Anvelt, an Estonian Bolshevik, led a successful uprising in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
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    1894, aged only forty-nine, Alexander III died of kidney disease

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