Lynn Lilly,The Craft Box Girls Team

Screen-Free Crafts Kids Will Love

More than sixty educational, entertaining craft projects that encourage children to unplug, interact, and have fun!
Does your child spend too much time in front of a screen? Help them discover the excitement of hands-on learning with Screen-Free Crafts Kids Will Love. Packed with DIY projects like a personalized race track chore tracker, a high-flying homemade 3D kite, and handmade musical instruments, the activities in this book will encourage your child to explore the world beyond the screen.
Screen-Free Crafts Kids Will Love features step-by-step instructions and color photos
for over sixty entertaining and educational projects that:
• Promote lifelong learning
• Stimulate creativity
• Improve problem solving
• Spur imaginative thinking
• Encourage independent playtime
And the fun doesn’t end when the crafting is over—youngsters will love playing with their new handmade creations on game night, at parties, during holidays, and more.
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