MEd,MSW,John Poulin,Stephen Kauffman,Travis Sky Ingersoll

Social Work Capstone Projects

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The only practical guide for helping social work students create high-quality applied capstone research projects from start to finish

This “mentor-in-a-book” provides social work students with invaluable information on designing, implementing, and presenting first-rate applied research projects focused on improving social work programs and services. Taking students step-by-step through the entire process, the book helps students plan their projects by providing descriptions of the various research methodologies that can be used to improve social work programs and services. It offers extensive instruction on how to write effectively by providing detailed information on all written components of capstone research projects, as well as the dos and don’ts of writing research reports.

Covering data collection methods, program evaluation, organization and community needs assessments, practice-effectiveness studies, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis, this brand-new book also addresses best practices for presenting findings upon completion of the applied research project. Additional features include abundant case examples demonstrating the application of theory to practice and an examination of both qualitative and quantitative research approaches, while also helping students demonstrate social work practice competencies within their capstone projects. Practice activities in each chapter help students apply knowledge to their research projects; and technology exercises help students master important digital research techniques. A capstone project checklist and competency log help students monitor progress, and QR codes provide supplementary support and resources. Additional resources include competency rubrics, detailed group exercises for each chapter, and a sample syllabus for faculty. Purchase of the book includes digital access for use on most mobile devices or computers.

Key Features:

Delivers step-by-step information on creating high-quality social work capstone projects from conception through presentation
Includes a detailed summary of the major applied research approaches to improving social work programs and services
Explains how to research literature and write a problem statement on a social service issue
Contains extensive information on how to write effective capstone research papers along with abundant examples
Helps students to demonstrate social work practice competencies
Offers case examples throughout to demonstrate the application of theory to practice
Presents practice activities and technology exercises in each chapter
Provides a capstone project checklist and competency log Includes QR codes providing additional resources for each chapter
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