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Anita Mills

Comanche Moon

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It takes a tough Texas Ranger to melt a hardened heart in this ';brilliant western romance' from the author of the Fire Series (Rosanne Bittner, author of Caress). Amanda Ross returns from her Boston finishing school to claim the Texas ranch her parents died fighting to protect. Determined to protect the land that has been in her family for generations, Amanda resents the Comanche people for taking away her loved ones. Clay McAlester may be a Texas Ranger, but he identifies most strongly with the Comanche tribe who raised him. A proud man brought up by a proud people, he has little sympathy for a woman filled with nothing but hate. But when Amanda's fiance abandons her in her hour of need, it is McAlester and a nearby Comanche camp that comes to her aid. Will Amanda learn forgiveness in the arms of this fierce and fearless man, or will her anger consume her? ';Superb… Grabs you by the throat and won't let go… I loved it!' Joan Johnston, New York Timesbestselling author of Surrender
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    You’re the keeper of the gate, not me.”
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    he rode her hard, scarce hearing when she cried out

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