Frances Hodgson Burnett,Jennifer Bassett

Little Lord Fauntleroy

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husband was a builder
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Read the back cover and the story introduction on the first page of the book. Ho
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Cedric Errol and his mamma were very good friends. This was important because there were only two of them. Cedric’s father was dead, and it was a sad day in the little house in New York when Mrs Errol told Cedric this news.
‘Dear, dear Ceddie,’ she said. ‘Your papa was very ill last week and – and he – he’s not coming home to us. He’s never coming home again because …’ And then she began to cry.
Cedric was only seven years old, but he was a very loving little boy. He went at once to his mamma and put his little arms around her and his face next to her face. They did not need any more words.
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