Rebecca Hunter

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline

2016 Winner of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award.

A pro hockey player with a rough reputation.
An American looking for a taste of adventure.
A chance to turn their sensual nights into something more.

Photographer Caroline Mendoza finally sheds her safe life in Michigan for adventure and a fresh start, and her first stop is Sweden. But Stockholm suddenly becomes more than just a casual stopover when Caroline discovers her reclusive next-door neighbor is ex-Red Wings player Niklas Almquist, whose high-profile alpha bad-boy image, both on and off the ice, has followed him back to Sweden.

While Niklas’s darker side draws her to him, she knows the sensible decision is to move on from Stockholm before she gets too attached. Her time in Stockholm is running out. She must choose between what is safe and what her heart tells her is right. Is she strong enough to take the risk?
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    This is a story about a strong connection between two people on very different paths. It's Caroline and Niklas's first book, and their second book came out in April of 2016 ("Part 2," not a serial), along with some shorter stories about their adventures.

    It's also the first book in the Stockholm Diaries series of steamy romances between North American women and Swedish men. My husband and I have lived in Sweden twice, and both times I met women from around the world with interesting, unique stories about meeting Swedish men and moving to Sweden. These stories involved chance meetings, uncertain risks and sacrifice, all in the name of love. The whole Stockholm Diaries series is a kind of tribute to all these stories.

    Stockholm was our own home for three years, so the series is also a tribute to a city I know and love. One fundamental idea behind my stories is to explore romance and love with someone who comes from a different background—both the appeals and the difficulties.

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    Легкая книжечка, романтическая, советую

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    Great book ! Wonderful 👍


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    What it captured was probably a mistake, in fact, the photo taken right before they were ready. Tommy was pushing the hair out of Annika’s eyes as she laughed in a last-minute attempt to fix their pose. But instead of the usual smiling couple in front of a landmark, this photo captured a more intimate gesture that told of a different kind of happiness—not just happy to be in Rome but truly happy to be together.
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    Everyone knows that a woman shouldn’t be out walking alone in the middle of the night.
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    “Nice is something you want in your dentist, not the man you’re having sex with every day.”

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