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DIY Gifts In Jars

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Searching for pretty, thoughtful and inexpensive homemade gifts for your friends and family?
Well, your search ends here!
This book has just the ideas, resources and information that will help you to wow the people that you care for. Contained in it are over 100 diverse recipes, both edible and non-edible that you can attractively prepare and package as great, quick last-minute gift items for every season.
It also contains detailed recipes and tips on how to make these gifts in a jar. From tools to ingredients, recipes and storage, this guidebook will provide you with a wealth of information and ideas including ideas for filling and decorating your jars as well as tips for making those gifts extra special.
A range of Recipes you will find inside include:
Cookie Mixes
Soups Mixes
Cakes Mixes
Seasoning Blends
Bread Mixes
Pastries And Muffins
Dips, Sauces & Spreads
Gourmet Tea Mixes
Coffee And Cocoa
Body Scrubs
Bath Cookies
Yummy Snacks
Mixes for pets
To name just a few!
Remember, there are over a hundred of these easy,yummy & inexpensive recipes, so get started now!
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