Diane Duane

The Wizard's Dilemma

novel “filled with very credible teen angst, morality, and an intriguing blend of science fiction and fantasy” from the author of A Wizard Abroad (School Library Journal).
Still recovering from an overly eventful vacation in Ireland, teenage wizard Nita Callahan is looking forward to some peace and quiet in her suburban New York home. Instead, her close friend Kit seems to be acting a little weird, and Nita keeps running into problems for which wizardry either isn’t the answer or else it’s the wrong one. How do you fix what can’t be fixed? Only the Transcendent Pig knows, and it’s not telling. But Nita needs to find out—and soon. Her wizardly partnership with Kit starts to fall apart. Much worse, her mother gets sick . . . so sick she may never leave the hospital.Only one person can help Nita—the One she’s devoted her life to fighting.
“Powerful and satisfying.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“A gripping and dynamic fantasy … Fans of the author will flock to this new adventure, which likely will bring new readers to the series.”—VOYA 
Praise for the Young Wizards series
“Duane is tops in the high adventure business … This rollicking yarn will delight readers.”—Publishers Weekly
High Wizardry is . . . high entertainment.”—Locus
“Recommend this series to young teens who devour books about magic and wizards . . . or kids looking for ‘Harry Potter’ read-alikes.”—School Library Journal
“Stands between the works of Diana Wynne Jones . . . and Madeleine L’Engle … An outstanding, original work.”—The Horn Book
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