Hope For Healing Church Wounds, Michael Gray
Michael Gray

Hope For Healing Church Wounds

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Statistics from George Barna Research Group reveal that twenty-five to thirty million adults stay away from the Christian church because of hurtful treatment experienced at the hands of the body of Christ. Having gone through several church hurts himself, the author has written this book to be a practice guide on how to be restored, renewed and healed from church inflicted wounds so that one’s relationship to God is joyous and fruitful.
From his own experience and documented research through surveys to pastor’s, church members and non-church goers, the author provides a training manual that churches and church leaders can use to reach and restore church members to a healthy relationship with God and His church. We all want the church to be a place where we can go to worship God with freedom and joy. We all want to be encouraged to grow in our faith and walk with Christ. We all want a place where we find joy in serving others, a place of safety and unconditional love. No one wants to be part of a church that acts like the world, treating people with judgment, condemnation, lack of ompassion and love. Church wounds happen but God is a restorer of the broken hearted. God is the great healer of our pain and disappointment. The author believes that if one takes the steps outlined in the book, there will be renewal and restoration. If churches reach out to those who have been wounded in the way outlined in this book, many will come back into fellowship with the Lord and His church.
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