Barrington Barber

The Ultimate Drawing Book

Whether you are a budding artist or a professional wishing to develop your skills, This Ultimate Drawing Book is the perfect companion for you.
Learn to draw everything from the texture of a silken cloth to a body in dynamic movement with this easy-to-follow guide. Barrington Barber is a working artist and best-selling author of many practical art titles, providing clear and practical guidance as well as helping you develop your own artistic style.
This drawing book provides step-by-step sequences on a multitude of skills. Learn to:
• Depict the elements in a landscape, such as water, trees and sky
• Portray the texture of different materials
• Convey the features and movement of humans
• Compose an original still life
Providing examples from master artists such as Di Vinci and Rubens, and breaking down their work's successful elements, Barrington Barber will help you bring your own drawings to life.
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