Ken Jackson

Math Problems

I started off as a musician in high school playing guitar and bass. Coming out of high school, I know some of my own songs as well as other artists. I didn't start writing poems for a while though. Except in high school, for English class, I wrote a poem going “Let's blow up the rotten school and build ourselves a swimming pool..” and that raised an issue of school threats similar to bomb threats of this day and age. Then there was this dirty poem I wrote in my early 20's. But I was still writing songs then. I took some college courses in jazz, piano, songwriting and creative writing. Back in 85 I recorded with that famous producer. Butch was who produced Neverworld of nirvana, a number one album of the year in the early 90's. then in '86 I started a 20 year sentence for a crime. This is where I started writing poetry. I took a uw-extension course in creative writing. I wrote a few and people liked them so I wrote more. There came a time where I used poetry as therapy. I would write 2 poems for every 2 weeks. And that beats writer's block. A lot of BEST OF KEN JACKSON has that stuff. Then I was released in '99 and I put out a bunch of rock 'n roll albums. I was also participating in a monthly poetry group for a while. There is a section of this book I wrote using a variety of student researchers. Thank you for reading this book. Ken Jackson.
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