Aleksandr Kuprin

The Garnet Bracelet

“The Garnet Bracelet” is a rather short novel by Alexander Kuprin, exploring the romantic, yet unrequited emotions of the protagonist towards the love of his life. Written at the beginning of the 20th century and praised by the great names in Russian literature, Kuprin’s novel offers a valuable insight into the human soul. A beautiful and at the same time sad story, whose sorrowful tones are expressed through Beethoven’s 2nd Piano Sonata. Heartbreaking and melancholic, the story is a perfect read for those capable of experiencing enormous love.

Alexander Kuprin was a Russian novelist, poet, and short-story writer, a representative of Russian critical realism. His life in the army account for his early autobiographical stories, an experience that stayed with him forever. A wielder of genuinely natural subject matter and language, Kuprin’s style is above all else tinged with passionate depiction of the human heart. However, the poverty of his family and Kuprin’s own problems with alcoholism paint a pretty gloomy picture of his years in emigration and later return to his homeland. Among his best works are “The Duel”, “The Pit”, “Moloch” and “The Garnet Bracelet”.
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