Ruth Dugdall

The Woman Before Me

'Authentic… diverting debut'
The Daily Mail
A clever, sophisticated, psychological crime thriller with dark twists you won’t see coming
Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, S.J. Watson, B A Paris and Sophie Hannah
They came for me, just like I knew they would. Luke had been dead for just three days.
Rose Wilks' life is shattered when her newborn baby Joel is admitted to intensive care. Emma Hatcher has all that Rose lacks. Beauty. A loving husband. A healthy son. Until tragedy strikes and Rose is the only suspect.
Now, having spent nearly five years in prison in Ipswich, Rose is just weeks away from freedom. Her probation officer Cate must decide whether Rose is remorseful for her crime, or whether she remains a threat to society. As Cate is drawn in, she begins to doubt her own judgement.
Where is the line between love and obsession, can justice be served and, if so… by what means?
New Edition includes exclusive material and author Q&A
'Dark, disturbing and authentic' CWA Judging Panel

'Ruth Dugdall's novels are intelligent and gripping, with a sophisticated psychological sensibility. She is a huge talent.' Sophie Hannah
'A chilling tale of betrayal and obsession… keeps its secrets well' Publishers Weekly
'Well-plotted… The author understands how to build suspense and create atmosphere' Kirkus
'Tense, taut, almost claustrophobic… full of emotion and suspense' The Bookbag
'A young British crime-writer who uses her career in the Probation Service to stunning effect… gripping and powerful' Mike Ripley, Shotsmag
'An absolute tour de force that left me thinking for days.' Alex Marwood
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