Paul Chaplin

The Matrixial Brain

Matrixial Logic: Forms of Inequality provided a revolutionary new analysis of how we actually think. How the logic of reality and the logic of the mind actually work.
Secret Self: Finding the Power of You was the companion volume. In Secret Self a radical new Systems Architecture of the human Self was presented. Making sense at last of how we think and feel. How we can think governs what we can think.
Both books are filled with brain experiment “Experiences”. Readers are able to try the Experiences themselves and so gain a much greater insight into the ideas discussed in the books.
Key Experiences from Matrixial Logic and Secret Self were turned into three sets of Experiments. An independent research company formed three cohorts of 30 test subjects each, providing 90 test subjects in total.
The Matrixial Brain sets out all the Experiments and results in full. Results which invoke a radical reappraisal of established theories in neuroscience, philosophy and psychology.
We believe that we can think anything we want to. The Experiments also demonstrate the hidden architecture of the mind, and show, that in reality, we can't.
Readers can try all the Experiments for themselves, and can participate anonymously in the growing database of test subjects.
The Experiments are important for what they reveal to us about the human brain, its workings, and connections with reality. They also show us the pathways to successful therapeutic interventions. By exploring the limits of your mind, you can change your life.
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