Hans-Jürgen Döpp

Music and Eros

Music is not only a pleasure for the ear, it is the echo of the heartbeat, breath and desire.
Professor Döpp revisits music as the catalyst for dance, love and sex. From the music sheet to dance and through instruments, music is the expression of our profound desires and most violent passions. The text revisits the history of music and art from the dances of the first men to pop and electronic music and through belly dance. Music and Eros take us on a time-travelling journey to discover the interaction of music and sex.
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Parkstone International
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Parkstone International

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  • Agent Shoniцитує4 роки тому
    “Anita Berber was one of those odd characters who did not know what they are doing, and find nothing wrong in receiving a guest whilst sitting naked in the bathtub. She is one of those people who meet their lawyer only to discover that they are nude underneath their coat because they had forgotten that one had to get dressed for such an occasion. In such instances, Anita Berber did not say: “Excuse me! I forgot to get dressed.” She only said: “Would you give me a cigarette? I left my snuff box at home!”

    She lived from one day to the next or actually from one hour to the next. Money meant nothing to her. She did not care for possessions or bank accounts and she spent money she did not have. Her wastefulness came as naturally to her as her eccentricity, her liveliness. She lived in an atmosphere that was not unlike that of a night club.”[103]

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