Devagi Sanmugam

Fun with Asian Food

This Asian cookbook for kids contains fun and easy recipes that children will love to cook and dishes that even the pickiest eaters will savor!Introducing Anneke and Max, a lovable brother and sister, who have great fun cooking and eating the favorite dishes of the countries of Asia!Anneke and Max love dressing up in the colorful clothes of each country and readers will also learn about the culture and origin of each food depicted. This book is aimed at children ages 6 -12, but readers of all ages will find much to enjoy. It's also a fun way to introduce children to the delights of Asian cooking, plus an opportunity to learn about the national costumes of each country.Asian recipes for kids include: Indian Fruit Lassi Chicken Yakitori Korean Scallion Pancakes Chinese Birthday Noodles Thai Chicken Soup Vietnamese Spring Rolls Japanese Bread Sushi Indian Naan Pizza Banana Pancakes No Bake Pineapple Tarts Mango Pudding And many more!Everyone will love these easy Asian recipes that use everyday ingredients plus one or two special items that are widely available now in many supermarkets. Each recipe has step-by-step illustrations and clear instructions.
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Periplus Editions, Tuttle Publishing
Marijke Den Ouden



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