Booker T.Washington,Theodore Roosevelt,John Brown

History's Greatest Speeches – Volume VI

The most profound and important speeches ever delivered are here collected in this anthology, featuring some of the most influential figures in world history. From ancient times to the American Revolution to as recently as this past century, Fort Raphael Publishing has collected some of the most important and iconic speeches of all time and presented them in this series.

Volume VI features such disparate historical characters as Cato the Elder opposing the repeal of the Oppian Law, Ernestine Rose, an early pioneer for women's rights, abolitionist John Brown's fiery speech at the conclusion of his trial for treason, Booker T. Washington speaking of the struggle of Black Americans to make economic and social advancements, Mary E. Church Terrell on the challenges of living as a Black woman in the nation's Capitol, Theodore Roosevelt's astonishing speech from a 1912 campaign stop, which he delivered moments after being shot by an assassin and the closing remarks from the Defendants in the Sacco and Vanzetti murder trials.

This collection of powerful and moving speeches pays tribute to these great world leaders and individuals and specifically to the words they used to inspire millions.

This is the sixth volume of this series.
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