Emmanuel M. Virina

Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles

In 1965 Dr William Thetford, former Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City expressed his frustrations to his colleague Dr Helen Schucman about the antagonistic and competitive work environment they operated in, and that he, as the Head of the Psychology Department, was determined to find a way to change it for the better.  To his surprise, Dr Schucman agreed to help and work with him to find that “better way.”  Their unity in purpose led to the writing of A Course in Miracles.
A Course in Miracles is a book transcribed by Drs Schucman and Thetford through a process called “inner dictation” from the “Voice” Dr Schucman believed to be that of Jesus Christ.  She received (and noted by short hand) the individual contents of the book from the “Voice” and  Dr Thetford typed them as she read her notes to him the following day.  It took them seven and a half years to complete the Course.
Understandably many would find the whole process especially the “Source” of the materials hard to believe but the Course is there for all to read and decide whether they are really channelled materials from Jesus Himself.  The Course is littered with citations and references from the Bible which reflect the knowledge and familiarity of the “Author” (Jesus Christ) with the Scriptures and His use of Biblical passages and references as natural extensions to His vocabulary.
This book Biblical Citations from A Course in Miracles is a compilation of such Bible references and citations with the corresponding snippets of teachings and topics from the Course where the citations or references were derived from.  Some of the snippets may relate to the actual context of the Bible verses cited but most of them cover different topics or teachings as discussed in the Course.  This book therefore is intended as one way of introducing the Course to readers who are knowledgeable and familiar with the Bible and to open-minded readers who may be interested in having a fresh perspective about Christianity and how to assimilate it in practice.
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Emmanuel M. Virina



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