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Gloria Cook

Never Let Go

A spirited Cornwish widow must solve a spooky mystery in this postwar historical novel from the author of Unforgettable.
Having lost her husband during the evacuation at Dunkirk, Dorrie Resterick now lives a quiet life centered around family in the Cornish village of Nanviscoe. But that quiet is about to be disrupted by the arrival of Stella Grey and her family. She’s already planning a surprise welcome home party for her honeymooning niece, Verity, and her new husband Jack, as well as trying to convince the superstitious locals that the ghost of Jack’s disturbed first wife, Lucinda, is not haunting their marital home. But it soon transpires that the ghost may be more real than Dorrie first imagined, as someone—or something—seems determined to stir up trouble.
“Deftly introduces a new series that draws on the domestic settings at which Cook excels.” —Booklist on Unforgettable
281 паперова сторінка
Дата публікації оригіналу
Рік виходу видання
Severn House Publishers, Severn House
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