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Digital Bank

Digital Bank tracks the innovations in banking and how the mobile internet is changing the dynamics of consumer and corporate relationships with their banks. The implication is that banks must become digitised, and that is a challenge as becoming a Digital Bank demands new services focused upon 21st-century technologies. Digital Bank not only includes extensive guidance and background on the digital revolution in banking, but also in-depth analysis of the activities of incumbent banks such as Barclays in the UK and mBank in Poland, as well as new start-ups such as Metro Bank and disruptive new models of banking such as FIDOR Bank in Germany. Add on to these a comprehensive sprinkling of completely new models of finance, such as Zopa and Bitcoin, and you can see that this book is a must-have for anyone involved in the future of business, commerce and banking.
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    Regarding social media, we think the future will be about integrating Big Data on your CRM to increase the knowledge about your customers and provide a more personalised experience. This Big Data will come from different sources: conversations on social networks, credit card transactions, social reputations like Klout, etc.
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    First, a bank should not try to make money out of social media. Social media is not there for money making but for customer engagement, which then leads to money making
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    For example, Wells Fargo in the United States provides personalised ATM messages. Its ATMs include customised screens based on customer preferences, and favourite activities are highlighted on screen based on previous usage of the ATM by the customer. There is also a tool called ATM Cash Tracker that allows customers to visually track their monthly withdrawals. The tool allows customers to set a monthly withdrawal target and see details about how much they withdrew the previous month, as well as their average withdrawals per month over the past year. This delivers consistency across channels from personalised ATMs to personal financial management.

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