Brenda Rosewood

Waffle It Is

Have You Ever Been Smitten By Excruciating Hunger Pangs?

Not too worry; you can get delicious, easy and simple meals by just using your waffle iron. Get your ingredients together and waffle them straight up!

In waffle it is!, you will find simple and easy to do recipes for:

For Breakfast:

cereal waffles
banana oats with buttermilk waffles
cream banana waffles
rich chocolate waffles
lemon flavored waffles
tasty honey waffles

For Brunch/Lunch:

sourdough flavored waffles
cinnamon nutmeg waffles
dark textured waffles
blackberry waffles
walnut cream waffles dessert
potato waffles

For Desserts:

pinot nor cherry waffles
chipotle chocolate waffles
ham waffles
cream and fruit waffles
pineapple cake waffles
apple caramel waffles
savory feta waffles

For International:

swiss bacon waffles
belgian coconut maple waffles
flaxseed crispest waffles
norwegian shaped waffles

In addition, you can introduce your kids to cooking early with these waffle recipes. Remember the saying “catch them young”? You can discover the cooking passion in them by introducing them to waffle iron cooking.

Download and spice up your food menu!
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