Gayle Soucek

Chicago Calamities

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Fire and flood, train wreck and tornado—a look at the many disasters Chicago has endured over the years, with photos and illustrations.
The story of Chicago is often likened to that of a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the Great Fire. Yet that infamous event was only part of the destruction that has shaped Chicago’s identity.
This unique history explores the calamities that have befallen the Windy City, such as the 1954 killer water surge that swept in on a calm summer day; the 1967 tornado that ripped through rush hour traffic; the 1886 Haymarket Square riot that put Chicago on the anarchist map; and many other acts of nature and human folly. As you witness a fireproof theater burn, a flood rise up without rain, and one of the greatest maritime disasters occur within city limits, you’ll gain a new appreciation for how this city has endured through unexpected tragedies and produced many unlikely heroes.
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Arcadia Publishing, The History Press
Brian Diskin
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