Paul Gibson


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Team 17 is the U.S  Assassin Sniper Team, 16 USSR Sniper Teams before them have failed to assassinate Prz. Zoo Prude the team members are Lee Oswald and Paul Gibson, an 8 year old school boy he is to shoot near the school book depository. Paul is fedup with daily routine at school of Atomic Bomb Blast Drills & Fallout Shelters stock with empty barrels not 1 drop of water nor grain of food! Paul knows things should not be like this and if he going to have a future he better take the initative and kill the U.S Latrodictator  President himself! Prior knowledge, Team 17 is the last hope Team 18 behind them are to shoot during a full scale atomic war or soon after for better war settlement which begins at midnight forbid if he should fail! VIP Very Important Personnel RIP Reduction In Personnel and 2 reasonable to presume the agitator is going to be a clone that's where all other assaasins failed to understand. Paul is a zoological warfare specialist!

All of the memoir is true and from the assassin himself.
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