Ynge Ljung

Finding Your Lost Child

Finding Your Lost Child teaches parents how to help children on the autism spectrum (A-spectrum) become more harmonious and happier by living allergy-free!In the last 20+ years, A-Spectrum children have increased in unexplainable numbers. As a result, more and more parents must learn how to incorporate them into society, by helping their children and by educating the general population. For parents of children on the A-spectrum who want to learn how to help their child become healthier, have fewer temper tantrums, and have less cravings for sugars and detrimental foods, Finding Your Lost Child shows parents how to have a healthy and happy family by changing their lifestyle and learning how to alleviate—and even eliminate—allergies. Ynge Ljung’s guide outlines how doing so causes the whole family to feel and act better—even seeing progress in as little as two weeks. Ynge teaches parents:
How to eliminate allergies in their own homeThe benefits of a healthy lifestyleHow to shop at the grocery store and how to really read food labelsWhat pro and pre-biotics really areA different approach to communication with their non-verbal child Not only do parents learn how to help children on the A-spectrum, but the whole family benefits from living a harmonious, allergy-free life!
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