David Sedaris

Barrel Fever

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Review'I don't very often find myself moved by a book to emit loud noises in public, but when I first read David Sedaris's essays and short stories, they made me laugh so hard I had to stop taking them on the tube. All his collections are good but 'Barrel Fever' is the best' – Sarah Waters, Saturday Guardian 'A satirical brazenness that holds up next to Twain and Nathaneal West' – New Yorker 'David and Amy Sedaris have a deadpan delivery as ironic as the words they read. The two of them create a nuclear barrage of humour you could never replicate by reading this material on your own' – Boston Globe
Product DescriptionDavid Sedaris's readings on National Public Radio made him one of US radio's most popular storytellers. With pitch-perfect sarcasm mingled with an underlying empathy, this collection of his best stories captures the essence of our secret preoccupations and delusions. Barrel Fever is like a blind date with modern life, and anything can happen.
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