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More: The-Self Investment Mentality: Unlock the Potential of Compound Growth to Build Wealth, Reclaim Time and Supercharge E

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For those who believe there is more…

More. Isn't that what we all want? More money, more time, more energy. Common sense tells us that to get more of any of these things we need to invest what we have now for a return in the future, yet we continue to pour our resources down the drain day after day, year after year, in a blaze of self-gratifying consumption.

The self-investment mentality is about realising the potential for self-improvement in the most mundane and seemingly insignificant of life's occurrences, actions and events, like eating a particular food, meeting a new person, buying a new pair of jeans or reading a book. It is the realisation that all these things are deeply but subtly linked into a virtuous circle of personal growth which, if harnessed correctly, can eventually lead to increased resources of time, energy and money. It is not always about changing behaviour; more often it is concerned with changing mindset to allow growth and resources to flow freely.

More energy, more time, more money…

The principles of self-investment are about treating expenditure of your resources (including, but not limited to, money) in a different way, particularly in relation to investment of those same resources. The philosophy that I'm going to describe is about achieving your own goals and objectives, happiness and fulfilment even, through a mentality of self-investment. That means dedicating significant, if not the overwhelming majority, of your resources to your growth as an individual. Of course, your own programme of self-investments is going to be totally individual — I'm not going to encourage you to spend time, money or effort on any one thing in particular. What I am going to try to convince you to do is to deeply reconsider what you class as an investment and what you class as consumption, or perhaps even waste, in light of a new understanding of how different expenditures can impact your life in very subtle, but profound ways.

Part 1: Redefining Investment and Consumption

First, we'll throw out old, preconceived ideas of what constitutes 'frivolous' consumption as opposed to 'sensible' self-investment, always and only with reference to you, the individual. We'll learn to recategorise consumption and investment as they truly manifest themselves. More importantly, we'll learn that almost anything can be a self-investment given the right mentality and life situation. It all depends on you.

Part 2: The Enabling Resources

Next, well take a detailed look at the specific ways in which self-investment gets us one step closer to our goals by increasing our arsenal of potent tools and personal traits, like knowledge, health, motivation, self-esteem, contacts and belief. These are the intermediate resources that eventually lead back to time, life-energy and money.

Part 3: The Infrastructure of Self-Investment

Finally, we'll seek to understand the silent, almost invisible mechanisms by which personal growth and success emerge once you accept the power of self-investment. This means a change in mindset. We'll also examine the more practical elements of living the self-investment philosophy and how to adapt your life-setup..
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Jonathan Pincas



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