Stephen Fleming

Weekend Whittling For Kids And Parents

◆ Are you a parent looking for ways to engage with your kids, bond with them, and have fun?

◆ Are you looking for ways to help turn off the smartphones, tablets, and television and still have your kids and teens occupied with a fun activity?

In an ever-changing society, there aren't a whole lot of activities that are geared towards children, teens, and parents. Marketing strategies have become so specific that they target the exact age ranges.

Fortunately, if you take a step back from “modern” society, you can get involved in some age-old crafts and practical skills that are fun for the whole family!

Wood carving and whittling are two such crafts. Not only are there projects that range in difficulty for different skill and age groups, but there are some projects that can be completed by two people, giving you a chance to interact and bond with your children face to face. Without the input of noise and visual stimulation from screen entertainment, you and your children can talk to each other and create something together.

Wood carving and whittling are detail-oriented crafts, so it is best to unplug completely, removing distractions like phones and screened devices while participating. It is a good excuse for you and your children to step back and develop a different set of skills.

By utilizing this book, you'll learn why wood carving and whittling are important skills. You will be taught basic techniques and be introduced to the proper tools and materials for these crafts. Additionally, you'll have several beginner projects with step by step instructions to get started on with your children. This is a great place to start you and your children's digital detox and bonding activities!

I've included photographs of realistic beginner projects, and I'll explain the processes and standard operating procedures associated with them.

Below are the topics you would find inside:

✓ Introduction to Whittling

✓ Tools

✓ Process and Techniques ( 1 Project)

✓ Step By Step Beginner Projects ( 30 Projects)

✓ Conclusion and Free Online Resources

In the last chapter, I've provided a link to free online resources for planning your next projects.

♥Cheers, and let's start the exciting journey!♥
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