Claire Robin

Surviving an Abusive Relationship

An abusive person becomes noticeable only when someone is already in a relationship with them. An abusive partner might be cool and caring on the initial stage of the relationship but tend to become horrible as it gets deeper. Most women don’t notice abusive partners until they have invested a lot emotionally into the relationship.

It is very important that you take the necessary steps to survive, get out, or actually thrive in a relationship that proves abusive. Surviving an Abusive Relationship is dedicated to all women and men who feel like their relationship is abusive in any way. The abuse could be physical, verbal or even emotional. Your emotions are at stake and you have to act fast in order to get away from the abuser or the relationship as a whole. This book provides step by step tactical strategies for surviving in an abusive relationship; how to manipulate the abuser, and ways to find happiness amidst chaos.
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