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Body Language

Learning Body Language Has Never Been This Easy!
Avoid conflicts, and become a better communicator!

There are many things in adult life that no one seems to teach you about. Learning experiences may vary, but many valuable life skills seem untaught in the modern education system, and one of them being body language. 
Body language plays a vital role in communication, yet many don't know how to interpret body language or how to control their own body language so that they seem trustworthy to others. Everyone knows of its existence, but many don't use it or know what all the different gestures mean. You'll be surprised at how many people will think you're a bad person just because you didn't look them in the eye. Do you have trouble getting a job? If so, your lack of body language may be to blame. No one likes an interviewee who looks slouched. You'll learn:

• What is Body Language?
• Interpreting the Head and Face
• Learning to Use Body Languag
• Body Language In Other Cultures
• much, much more !

Read People, How To Analyze People & Learn Everything About The Art Of Body Language has everything you need to know. Even if you're aware of most non-verbal cues, there are some you may not be familiar about, and in this book, you'll learn them all.

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    Excessive Blinking
    If someone blinks a lot, it’s pretty easy to notice. It’s easy to dismiss this as there being something in that person’s eye, but there are other reasons they may be blinking excessively as well. For example, they may be under a lot of stress, and their eye is twitching. Or, the person could be telling a lie, and the nervous blinking is a giveaway.
    Blinking a lot could be a sign that someone’s romantically interested in you as well. Combined with the sideways glance, and you may be onto something.
    Lack of Blinking
    On the other hand, if someone isn’t blinking that much, there could be something the person is trying to tell you.
    The person could be bored of what you’re saying, or feel indifferent about whatever situation you’re describing.
    The Eyebrows
    The eyes indeed give people a lot to express themselves, but the eyebrows above are a world of its own. Here are some common eyebrow gestures.
    A Raised Eyebrow
    Whenever someone raises both eyebrows, this could be a sign that the person is surprised at something. Maybe they heard some bad news, or watched their friend do an amazing skateboard trick. Either way, raised eyebrows are a sign of intense emotion.
    One raised eyebrow is a bit more cynical, and could be a sign of skepticism. Whenever your friend is telling you a story too outlandish to be true, like the time he met someone famous and got their number, you may raise an eyebrow as a sarcastic way of saying, “Oh, really?”
    A Quick Up and Down Eyebrow Flash
    Whenever someone flashes their eyebrows up and down in a quick manner, it’s used as a greeting. You do this whenever you see someone
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    Body Language is 93 Percent of Communication?
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