Arthur Conan Doyle

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is back on the case in this collection of sparkling short stories. Not only does Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brilliant detective investigate a fascinating series of crimes and misdemeanours in The Memoirs, but we also learn about Holmes’ early days as a sleuth hound and encounter the detective’s brilliant brother, Mycroft, who is a member of the Diogenes Club, one of the strangest establishments in London. And, of course, in The Final Problem Holmes come face to face with his nemesis, Professor Moriarty, The Napoleon of Crime. Their struggle, seemingly to the death, was to leave many readers desolate at the loss of Holmes, but was also to lead to his immortality as a literary figure. As well as his witty and illuminating Afterword to this edition, David Stuart Davies, the illustrious editor of Sherlock magazine, has provided a fascinating chronology of the Sherlock Holmes stories.
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' And with that he ups and he outs, and all I could say wouldn't hold him back.

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